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Control and manage your insider digital risks

Cyber attacks from external sources aren’t the only threats organizations must consider nowadays. Malicious and negligent employees (or “insiders”), some with stolen credentials, have become a serious and growing security risk to organizations today.

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  • Identify if your employees are using corporate credentials on the dark web--either knowingly or not—in violation of policy. 
  • Recognize insider threat profiles within your organization. 
  • Identify leaked or stolen credentials and initiate a takedown before it escalates into a targeted attack. 
  • Prevent data exfiltration before it’s too late.

Learn how this is made possible by:

- Analyzing data from thousands of sources.

- Correlating anonymous activity to real identities and physical locations and,

- Identifying unknown connections between threat actors and their activity by leveraging intuitive cyber investigation tools to rapidly investigate and attribute malicious activity, fraud, and potential insider threats.


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